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I’m Lynette Marie, a business coach who helps women grow their online wellness coaching businesses. In business, I blend cutting-edge strategy and mindset practices to help women build highly profitable businesses — and enjoy the process along the way. In other words, I’m a champion for women looking to get their lives together, whether that’s with health and wellness or building a thriving business – because you deserve to have it all. In this podcast, I’ll dive into topics related to building and scaling your online business, but you’ll also hear stories about my marriage, my spiritual journey and the mindset shifts I’ve made that help me keep it all together. You’re not a one-size-fits-all person, and neither is this podcast – and I hope you’ll join me as I explore all the ways we can live our best lives, together.

The Best Coach Ever Podcast

What is it about?

In this podcast, I share the lessons I’ve learned as a business owner and coach of more than 7 years, a wife of nearly a decade, and the mindset shifts I’ve made that help me keep it all together. Listen in to hear my best business strategies and mindset practices, and the pep talks you never knew you needed!

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I’m Lynette Marie, an online business coach and social media expert

who helps women build their online coaching businesses and turn shaky start-ups into thriving empires. As a former online fitness coach who scaled her business to a multiple-six-figure operation, I specialize in giving women the tools, strategies and knowledge they need to make their own business dreams a reality – and that’s exactly what I’m sharing in this podcast. Whether you’re interested in social media marketing, want tips for taking your business to the next level, or need strategies for maximizing your time, energy and productivity as a CEO, you’re in the right place!


Here are a few clients who are already living their dreams:


“Since completing her program I've tripled my investment and been able to maintain a steady client base as well as launch new programs and feel confident doing so!!”

When I considered working with Lynette... I had zero idea where to start, what programs to use, or even how to market the product correctly. Lynette's program helped me not only create a product, but she took us step by step teaching us every pillar that creates an online business, how to make it our own, and really took the time to ask what WE needed instead of just going through the motions of what she had planned.

I also didn't know my mindset needed work until Lynette's tough love showed me that I was capable of WAY more than I was giving myself credit for.



Lynette's program had everything, and MORE. From generating leads, to creating content, to having every system in place, to launching your product, you name it, she had it.

After the 4 months in FCBA, I am not only working FULL TIME for myself (a dream come true, but I am making $5-6k each month (& rising), I have hired my first employee to work in my business, and I will be hiring an Assistant Coach soon.

Without FCBA & Lynette’s support, I would still be charging $99 per month, making less than $1k per month in total, spinning my wheels trying to “figure it out in my own”, and would have likely thrown in the towel by now.



“I MADE OVER $100k in my first year of business”

After 6 months of working with Lynette I was able to scale my business to 20+ clients, have my first 4-figure launch, and build the foundation needed to get me to my first 5-figure month just a couple months later! Now I have a business with over 30 clients, 2 team members, and was able to make over $100k in my first year of business! If you are thinking about working with Lynette, take it from me, it will be one of the BEST investments you ever make!