Your dreams may just come true if you keep reading.

Do you dream of having an online fitness coaching business that allows you the freedom to live the life you’ve always wanted?

I did too. And so did the hundreds of clients I’ve worked with over the years!

These are people who craved gaining total control of their lives, and after working with me?

They finally gained the power, time, money, and resources to do just that.


If you want to see real results like...

• Selling out your offer in the first 24 hours of your launch
• Reaching $5k months in only 6 weeks (not the 6 months you’d planned)
• Having every single sales call turn into a YES!
• Increasing your IG audience by 30% or more

Then you’re in the right place!

These are actual results my clients have seen after working with me. And these clients aren’t just lucky or special in some way. They are fitness coaches just like you, wanting the freedom to leave their jobs and grow an online business. Because here’s a little secret for you: success is inherent if you keep doing the things that work and don’t give up.

Success isn’t basd on fate or chance. It isn’t written in the stars. It’s ready for you when you’re willing to follow tried and true strategies, invest in coaching, and make the most of your skills to build a business of your dreams.

And guess what? Seeing you reach your dream is my dream!

Let’s make it happen for you


Social Media With Impact

This is the place to start for coaches struggling to connect with their audience and turn likes into sales. In Social Media with Impact, I’ll teach you how to create content that draws and excites the people who are perfect candidates for your services, and I’ll share my proven Instagram-specific strategies for attracting the followers who need exactly what you’re offering.


Fitness Coaching Business Accelerator

This 4-month business incubator is for fitness coaches who want to trade in their “I can do it myself!” diploma and get their hands on tried and true strategies for growing their fitness coaching business effectively. It will show you how to consistently get more leads, confidently bring in new clients, and establish your fitness coaching business online (even if you’ve never done this before.)


Wellness CEO Mastermind

The Wellness CEO Mastermind is for coaches who are making at least $3-5k a month in their online coaching business and are looking to scale to six figures or more. In this 6-month program, we’ll work on building out your product suite, leveling up your branding & presence online & positioning you as the go-to coach in your industry — all while scaling to six-figure level income!

Let’s get you living your dreams, like these clients did.

This should be your sign to make the leap of faith.

“This one small transaction can completely transform your life path, and more importantly, it will change the lives of others.

If you are scared that you aren't 'fit' enough, educated enough or popular enough ... rest assured that those are the things that make you impactful. People don't want perfect; instead, they want real.

My first launch, my goal was five one-on-one clients. After signing EIGHT clients in the first 24 hours of my launch, I ended up closing it early! I will never forget that moment. It took much less time than anticipated to make back my investment.

But the biggest change for me was the mindset change. I came in with a dream, but now I am a business owner. The confidence, strategy and peace this program provided my family will never be forgotten. I've had countless people tell me "your happiness is radiating" since chasing this dream."




Before FCBA, I was struggling as a fitness coach. Financially, I was losing more money than I was getting. Mentally and physically, I was wearing myself thin doing so much for my clients. It was getting super frustrating not seeing my hard work pay off. Let me tell you that investing in myself and in my business with Lynette was the best decision I have ever made.

Not only did I make my investment back in the second month, but I doubled it, tripled it!! . Lynette has accelerated my business faster than I ever imagined and I’ve accomplished so much here than I have on my own for the past few years. I feel empowered to continue to build my business and make an impact in this industry.




VIP 1:1 Coaching

Looking for 1:1 support? This exclusive offer is for coaches who are already full-time in their business and are looking to scale to six figures or more, and prefer the intimacy of a private coaching container. In our regular calls and messaging, I’ll develop the perfect strategy for your business and mentor you as you implement it over our 3-months together. If that sounds like you, apply below.


The Best Coach Ever Podcast

I’m Lynette Marie, a business coach who helps women grow their online wellness coaching businesses. In business, I blend cutting-edge strategy and mindset practices to help women build highly profitable businesses — and enjoy the process along the way. In other words, I’m a champion for women looking to get their lives together, whether that’s with health and wellness or building a thriving business – because you deserve to have it all. In this podcast, I’ll dive into topics related to building and scaling your online business, but you’ll also hear stories about my marriage, my spiritual journey and the mindset shifts I’ve made that help me keep it all together. You’re not a one-size-fits-all person, and neither is this podcast – and I hope you’ll join me as I explore all the ways we can live our best lives, together.

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