A LIVE 1:1 Coaching Session With a Client on Building + Selling a New Offer

Hi, I’m Jessica (Lynette’s copywriter), and in this episode of The Best Coach Ever Podcast, I’m Lynette’s client!

In this 1:1 coaching session, Lynette helps me map out a new offer for my yoga business (https://www.patreon.com/yogawithjessica) – and you get to hear ALL of it!

You’ll find out why pricing an offer as low as possible isn’t the best long-term strategy, how to overcome fears of what others may think of you when you post about your offer (*spoiler alert* I’m not scared anymore! peep my Insta @doyogawithjessica), and so much more! Plus, you’ll get to experience Lynette as a coach and see how she helps clients create programs and services that align with their wants, needs and goals.

PS: If a 60-minute 1:1 intensive like this would be of interest to you, shoot Lynette a DM on Instagram @lynettemarieh! She has a few available for purchase!


In this episode, we cover:

Jessica’s issue with her yoga membership and why she feels stuck [6:45]

Why Lynette does *NOT* recommend under-pricing [8:10]

Jessica’s challenges with the idea of raising her prices and/or changing her offer [9:30]

Charging what you’re worth and for the unique experience you will provide, and the importance of proving and expressing that to buyers [11:25]

How Lynette perceives Jessica and her yoga brand [14:30]

Why Jessica has struggled to create social media content to promote her offer [16:30]

Lynette’s views on strategy vs. heart on social media [17:25]

Identifying Jessica’s ideal clients – what they want and don’t want to experience [18:30]

What Jessica’s ideal clients enjoy about her offer [20:35]

Lynette’s ideas for Jessica’s new offer that build upon what she already has (and what her ideal clients already enjoy) [22:00]

The stigma around making money teaching yoga and Lynette’s reminder that it’s actually NOT greedy to be paid for offering a service [26:55]

Determining how to price Jessica’s new offer to attract and retain ideal clients [30:10]

Creating intentional social media content based on Jessica’s brand pillars to grow her community and make sales [34:05]

What Jessica wants to be known and recognized for, both as a yoga instructor/community leader and a person, and who she wants to serve [38:45]

Making content that reflects Jessica’s brand and highlighting topics that are likely to connect with her ideal clients [44:45]

Overcoming Jessica’s fear of being called out online [48:20]

Getting clear on Jessica’s offer and what it can provide clients in the long- and short-term [49:50]

Working through ways to relay Jessica’s message on social media [55:25]

Capturing attention on IG Stories – and not letting haters kill your confidence [58:00]

Using social media to relaunch Jessica’s offer and planning for the future [1:07:00]



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