Creating An Abundant Money Mindset

In honor of my 50th podcast episode (!!!), I’m covering something super important: Money mindset.

It’s a topic that, in my experience, women tend to struggle with – they often feel guilty for wanting to make lots of money or think they’re not “good enough” to charge fair, reasonable rates for their services. Money can also bring up issues of worthiness and make us question the beliefs our parents handed down, which isn’t always the most pleasant or comfortable thing… and that means many people avoid the topic entirely.

But here’s the deal: We can’t improve what we ignore. So, in this episode, I’m diving in and sharing my honest, candid opinion on why money is NOT inherently bad, why you’re not wrong for wanting to build wealth and how changing your money mindset can change your entire life.

If you’re looking for a “woo-woo” approach to creating an abundant money mindset, this probably isn’t the episode for you (sorry!). However, if you want to hear practical, down-to-earth thoughts on money, wealth and shifting your money mindset from scarcity to abundance, you’re *absolutely* in the right place!


In this episode, I cover:

The different ways I’ve seen men and women approach their money mindsets [3:25]

How certain upbringings and belief systems can impact thoughts, feelings and opinions about money [4:10]

Why I believe in guiding your mindset in a positive, optimistic, healthy direction [6:55]

Taking a practical approach to improving your money mindset [9:05]

The ways my parents and upbringing shaped the way I viewed money and wealth when I was younger [10:15]

How I know the amount of money we make isn’t tied to how “good” or moral we are as people or how much we “deserve” wealth [18:30]

Feeling “worthy” of financial abundance and how to determine if you struggle with worthiness issues [20:00]

The idea of “taking” money from people who are paying for your services [21:50]

Believing that money is scarce vs. believing that there’s plenty to go around and trusting that you can always make more money [22:50]

Hoarding = scarcity mindset; investing = abundance mindset [25:55]

Challenging the belief that making money has to be hard [30:20]

How shifting to a more positive, abundant money mindset changes the way you move through life [34:35]

What to do if you feel triggered by this episode [35:30]

The truth about money being “the root of all evil” (hint: it doesn’t mean what you probably think it means) [36:15]

Imagining what we want for our children, nieces, nephews, etc. when it comes to money and wealth and how we can apply that to what God wants for us [38:45]

The importance of questioning our beliefs – especially if they aren’t serving us [40:45]

Why money is not good or bad; instead, it’s an amplifier [42:15]


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