How to Deal With Unmotivated Clients

Even if you’re the best coach in the world, you’re going to end up with unmotivated clients at some point. Maybe you’re telling them all the right things, you’re encouraging and supporting them, you’re doing all you can to help them reach their goal… but for whatever reason, they’re just not taking action.

As a coach, you obviously cannot force anyone to do the work or to follow through on the plan you’ve created, but you CAN do a few things to help your clients get back on track when they’ve lost motivation, and that’s what I’m discussing in this episode.

Today I’m sharing my best strategies for re-engaging clients when they’ve lost motivation, as well as explaining why I believe coaches need to have solid boundaries with their clients and only take ownership for what is truly theirs. Remember: You’re a coach, not a wizard with a magic wand!