Messy Action

Do you think everything needs to be perfect before you start working toward achieving your goals – and as a result, you tend to stay stuck right where you are? If so, this episode is for you. I’m talking about taking messy action, which is exactly how I started my multiple-six-figure business about 6 years ago… and why this podcast exists.

Messy action means something different for everyone – could mean getting started without a plan, could mean putting your work out into the world before you think it’s “good enough” – but it’s often what’s required if you want to chase your dreams.

In this episode, I cover:

[2:05] Defining and explaining messy action and how it pertains to this podcast

[5:20] What’s held me back from starting my podcast and how I’ve overcome my fears

[7:50] How I used messy action to start my online fitness coaching business in 2015

[11:30] First Instagram post offering online coaching:

[12:10] The results of my messy action and how it helped me grow into who I am today

[13:15] Why waiting for things to be perfect or waiting until you feel “ready” can keep you from moving forward – and what to do instead