Not Your Average Self-Care Message

Hot take: There’s absolutely nothing wrong with bubble baths and face masks, but those things aren’t what I consider TRUE self-care… and that’s what I’m talking about today.

What IS true self-care? It’s putting into practice the things that will help you live a genuinely fulfilling life (because isn’t that what we all want?). In reality, taking care of yourself often looks like making intentional choices that may not feel fun, easy or comfortable in the moment so that you can live your best life going forward. It’s about setting yourself up for success – which you deserve, by the way – and making your life one that you don’t feel the need to escape from. And, hey, if you want a bubble bath, take one! Just don’t neglect to do the other things that will serve your future self, OK?

If you don’t mind a little tough love (it’s for your benefit, I PROMISE!), give this episode a listen!