Overcoming Imposter Syndrome As A Coach

If you’ve ever felt like a fraud or been worried that someone’s going to call you out for not knowing enough, not having enough experience under your belt or not being adequately prepared no matter how much you’ve done (seriously, who HASN’T felt this way in a work situation?!), chances are you’ve experienced imposter syndrome.

It’s an uncomfortable feeling that can be detrimental to our success and wellbeing, but we don’t have to let it overtake us. And while it may not be realistic to completely eradicate imposter syndrome, you can absolutely move past it when it rears its ugly head –​​ and in this episode, I’m going to teach you how.

No matter if you’re a brand new coach, you’ve been in the coaching profession for a long time or you’re not a coach at all, the information I’m sharing can help you overcome your insecurities and release the doubts you have about yourself and your abilities –​​ remember, that stuff is only holding you back.

In this episode, I cover:

What the term “imposter syndrome” means (and how it can make you feel) [3:50]

How I struggled with feeling like an imposter in my 20s [5:15]

Signs or indications that you may be experiencing imposter syndrome [7:50]

How imposter syndrome can hold you back and harm you [10:50]

The many ways imposter syndrome can negatively impact coaches [13:05]

Why completely eliminating imposter syndrome forever may not be possible –​​ and why that’s not necessarily a bad thing [20:30]

A question to ask yourself to help you combat imposter syndrome [21:45]

Coming to terms with the fact that you’re good enough and are worthy of success even though you cannot be “perfect” [26:15]

How taking the focus off of yourself and putting it back on the person you’re trying to serve can help YOU [27:55]

Why you should stop looking for validation from others and start validating yourself [30:10]

The reasons you should stop comparing yourself to other people once and for all [33:25]