The 5 Things You Need to Start an Online Coaching Business

One of the most common questions I get asked as a business coach (who, until very recently, also ran an online fitness coaching business!) is how to get started, and that’s exactly what I’m discussing today.

Contrary to popular belief, getting your business up and running CAN be easy – and I’m here to help simplify and demystify the process. You don’t need a website, a fancy logo or professional photos… but you DO need the five things I’m sharing in this episode. I’m also sharing a few insider tips on how to show up online and form authentic connections with your ideal clients, which is critical for making sales.

If you’re interested in becoming an online coach and want to lay the groundwork for success, you’ll definitely want to cue this one up!

In this episode, I cover:

The importance of having both a skill set and a solution [5:30]

Why you need a social platform and an audience – but not necessarily a big one [9:25]

Taking time to develop your product or offer (the thing you’re actually SELLING) [11:15]

Why I believe you need basic legal protection (check out [14:05]

Payment collection services such as PayPal and Stripe [17:20]

The reasons you don’t need a website when you’re just starting out [19:00]

Why having a logo isn’t very important – even when you’re more established [22:30]

Getting started without having professional photos taken [23:55]

How offering too many products or services in the beginning can slow you down [26:00]

Choosing a niche and knowing exactly who your ideal client is [27:45]

Creating content that resonates with your audience [28:15]

Staying consistent no matter what if you want to build out your brand [28:38]

Why you don’t need to be perfect or polished to become a successful online coach [29:30]