14 December 2023

3 Reasons to Create a Yearly Sales Plan for Your Online Health + Wellness Coaching Business

As a 7-figure business coach, there is one thing I do every year without fail, and I recommend it to ALL of my clients, too.


👉🏼 That thing? Creating a sales plan.


Here’s why mapping out a sales plan is ESSENTIAL for online coaches:


1️⃣ It sets you up for success.


A sales plan detailing what you’re going to sell + when you’ll sell it gives you a clear roadmap to follow that you can rely on + revisit throughout the year.


For example, you’ll know when you’re launching your online coaching programs, which makes it easy to determine when to start building your marketing runway so your audience is primed + ready to join when enrollment opens. No last-minute freakouts, no panicking, and no scrambling to create new offers out of thin air to boost your cash flow (hint: this rarely – if ever – actually works).


2️⃣ It keeps you on track + holds you accountable.


When your motivation or drive is low (yep, it’s bound to happen sometimes), it is INCREDIBLY helpful to look back at your sales plan + review your goals for the year. 


Plus, if you *really* want to launch a 1:1 coaching program in a month, you have work to do NOW – and your sales plan SHOULD outline what that looks like, from lead generation and content creation to backend automation and client asset management. So, instead of feeling lost, confused or worried, you’ll feel confident + empowered because you’ll see EXACTLY what you need to do to be successful – all you have to do is execute.


3️⃣ It saves your sanity.


Even if you end up making changes to your sales plan (I ALWAYS do!), mapping out your year helps ensure you’re prepared to take action at the right times while also incorporating intentional periods of REST + RELAXATION – because otherwise, you’ll probably burn out.


Trust me: Having slower, quieter weeks in business waiting for you post-launch will SAVE your mental health. Additionally, you’ll be able to plan your workload around your vacations, holidays, etc. WAY ahead of time, which future you will 100% appreciate.


🚨 TLDR: If you want to be successful, nurture your mental health + ENJOY your year as an online health + fitness coach, YOU NEED A SALES PLAN.


If you’re not sure where to begin, I recommend starting with your most lucrative offer – for more online coaches, that’s private coaching.


Determine when you want to launch (this also means you’ll need to decide how many times during the year you’ll open enrollment) and how many clients you’d like to serve monthly and annually, and then work backward. What work should be put in on the front end to help ensure successful, profitable launches, and when should each of those tasks kick off?


Once you have the answers to those questions, it becomes much easier to create an outline and map out what’s required to reach your targets.


Remember: Without a solid sales plan, it’s *highly* unlikely that your business goals will come to fruition. If you’re serious about making your dreams come true (and maintaining profitability), thoughtful planning + preparation isn’t just a good idea – it’s critical.


No, sales planning isn’t exactly the ~sexiest~ part of owning a business, but after spending nearly a decade in the online coaching space, I can say with total confidence: The results are ABSOLUTELY worth the work.


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Plus, I’m sharing what to do if the idea of envisioning your year from start to finish feels WAY too daunting or overwhelming.


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