22 November 2023

Your Step-by-Step Plan for a Six-Figure 2024 as an Online Health & Fitness Coach

Want to make six figures in 2024 as an online health + wellness coach? I’m sharing *EXACTLY* how you’re gonna do it – seriously.


👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 Here’s your no-brainer game plan for a six-figure year:


1️⃣ Solidify your niche, ideal client + marketing argument.


This first step is ESSENTIAL – without it, you’ll struggle to sell anything.


Ask yourself: Who is your target audience, what do they want + need, and what makes YOU (and your offer) the best fit for them? Why should your ideal client purchase YOUR program rather than another coach’s program? How will your offer improve or transform lives – not just on the surface, but on a DEEPER level? Once you can answer these questions clearly + confidently, you’ll be prepared to move on to step 2.


2️⃣ Grow + nurture your audience on social media.


Spend 2-3 months growing + nurturing your audience.


Create content that speaks DIRECTLY to your ideal clients (we figured out who that is in step 1, remember?), and consider hosting Instagram or Facebook Lives so your followers can start getting to know you a bit better. I’d also recommend creating a freebie to give your audience a glimpse into what it might be like to work with you – just make sure it’s *actually* valuable (otherwise, you run the risk of convincing them that they don’t need you after all).


3️⃣ Develop + launch an IRRESISTIBLE 1:1 coaching program.


Don’t waste your time with cheap guides and ebooks – instead, put your energy + focus into creating an AMAZING 1:1 coaching program that you can sell for a high-ticket price.


Because here’s the truth: Unless you have a MASSIVE audience, it’s going to be nearly impossible to sell enough $27 workout plans to hit six figures in a year. However, let’s say you have a $400/month private coaching offer – you’d only need around 25 clients each month to hit your goal. That is MUCH easier than trying to sell thousands of low-ticket offers that people can probably find for free on Pinterest anyway.


4️⃣ After filling your 1:1 program, launch a group coaching offer.


You can only serve so many people privately, so once you’re at capacity, it’s time to branch out. A group coaching offer is a great way to do that *IF* you do it correctly.


Group offers can cannibalize 1:1 offers, so it’s critical to ensure your group program appeals to an entirely different person with different needs + wants. Think of it this way: If your $100/month group program offers a workout + nutrition plan for fat loss – and your $400/month 1:1 coaching offer *also* includes those things – why would anyone choose the more expensive option? They won’t.


5️⃣ Hire a business coach to help you do all of the above.


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Your Step-by-Step Plan for a Six-Figure 2024 as an Online Health & Fitness Coach

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