16 January 2024

3 Things Online Coaches Should Do Daily to Boost Growth + Sales

If you want to build a successful online coaching business, there are three things you should do daily – and today, I’m breaking down each one in detail.


This is for you if you’re ready to focus on what matters MOST in your business day-to-day rather than wasting time on things that won’t get you closer to your goals. You’ll learn what areas are most important for growth, longevity + sustainability, along with straightforward, actionable tips for bringing each to life.


Here’s EXACTLY what you should do regularly to boost growth + sales as an online coach:


1️⃣ Post on social media.


Yes, you’ve definitely heard this before, but it bears repeating: If you’re not posting CONSISTENTLY on social media, YOU WILL STRUGGLE TO GET CLIENTS + MAKE MONEY as an online coach.


If you’re on Instagram, I recommend posting on your feed 3-4 times a week – or 5-6, if you’re feeling up to it! – and showing up on Stories *every single day* because, at least for the time being, people are paying more attention to Stories than they are to feed posts.


To make the biggest impact, post about 8-10 Story frames per day – you’ll probably be shocked at how many people respond + start conversations with you (psst… you are WAY more likely to get a DM from a Story vs a feed post!).


2️⃣ Nurture leads + generate NEW leads.


For your online coaching business to be profitable, you need a steady influx of clients joining your roster – and that’s never going to happen if you’re not nurturing (aka: building trust + connections with) your current leads while also generating fresh leads.


Nurturing can be as simple as reaching out to people who engage with your content or following up with past applicants who might not have been ready for coaching at the time but still follow you (and are likely still considering hiring you). Don’t make it weird, but DO focus on creating a relationship. Remember: People hire the coach they trust the most.


When it comes to generating new leads, there are several different approaches, including creating content with virality in mind, running ads, offering freebies and collaborating with other creators. Whatever route you choose, make sure you’re CONSISTENT – otherwise, you’ll end up panicking as you wonder where in the world your next lead (and payment) is going to come from.


3️⃣ Take care of your mental health.


Let’s be real: Owning an online coaching business can be TOUGH. It’s almost TOO easy to get discouraged, take your foot off the gas and, eventually, give up altogether.


To avoid that, you MUST take care of yourself, and that includes your mindset + mental health. For example, you can keep burnout at bay by setting + enforcing boundaries around your working hours (trust me: your clients do NOT need 24/7 access to you!) and giving yourself permission to truly clock out.


I also recommend finding that *really* helps you recharge – which probably isn’t mindlessly scrolling through social media, sorry! – and making time for those things, as well as journaling to help stop a negative spiral in its tracks. Need extra support? Reach out to a trusted friend or family member to talk it out or connect with a therapist (I say this as someone who LOVES therapy – we can ALL benefit from it!).


👉🏼 BONUS TIP: Practice patience + be prepared to play the long game.


No matter how consistent you are, no matter how incredible your content is and no matter how amazing you are as an online coach, you will inevitably feel like your results are taking WAY too long to show up.


This is normal (and challenging, I won’t lie), but you MUST push through it in order to be successful.


Understand that you are laying the groundwork and paying your dues – just like EVERYONE else has to do. You’re planting + watering the seed. Keep doing the next right thing, and the harvest *will* come. But if you give up because you’re not getting results “quickly enough?” That’s when you lose.


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