21 March 2024

4 Key Steps to Creating a Sold-Out Launch as an Online Coach

Having a sold-out launch as an online coach doesn’t require a massive audience or ads… 


But it *DOES* require you to do the 4 things I’m outlining in this blog post.


I’m sharing the *EXACT* things I do every.single.time I launch (and what I teach my clients inside my coaching programs, FCBA and the Wellness CEO Mastermind), and I’m not just telling you WHAT to do – I’m also diving into the HOW + WHY.


Let’s get started:


1️⃣ Create a clear, specific offer with tangible outcomes.


Whether you’re launching a new offer or opening enrollment for an existing offer, you MUST ensure your audience understands exactly who your program or service is for, what problems it solves, and the results they can expect to achieve – otherwise, they’re not buying.


As you promote your offer, be as clear as possible in your marketing. Throughout your launch, answer questions like: What specifically are your ideal clients struggling with or looking to change or improve? How can your offer get them from where they are to where they want to go? What might their life look like AFTER they work with you?


Hint: Saying things like, “you’ll feel like your best self!” or “become the happiest/most confident version of yourself” ain’t it.


2️⃣ Build an audience and generate leads BEFORE you launch.


You need people to sell to, coach – and although you don’t need a massive social media following, you DO need at least *some* people in your audience who want what you have to offer.


So, BEFORE you launch, spend time creating content that will attract your ideal clients. Keep in mind that just because someone might be perfect for your program doesn’t mean they’re in a position to buy (for example, they might not be motivated to change or unable to afford to work with you at the moment) – as a result, not all of your audience members will be leads.


Here’s how the math breaks down: For *most* people, somewhere between 10 to 20% of their followers are ideal clients – and only about 10 to 20% of them are actual leads. Imagine you have 1,000 followers… now you’re looking at ~10-20 leads. See why this step matters so much?


PRO TIP: Prior to your launch, you should also build a marketing runway. Prepare your audience for what’s coming so that when the doors open, they’re READY and EXCITED to buy – not caught off-guard and confused.


3️⃣ Help your audience feel safe and certain about your offer.


During your launch, it’s essential to show your ideal clients that you are trustworthy and that they can feel safe, secure and comfortable investing with you.


This isn’t about convincing anyone to work with you. Instead, it’s about helping your perfect-fit clients make an empowered buying decision. To do that, you’ll need to talk about your offer more than you think (seriously, once or twice is NOT gonna work) – and that might feel uncomfortable or ~cringe~, but the average person needs to see an offer *AT LEAST* 7 times before they feel ready to move forward.


TLDR: If you don’t provide enough opportunities for your ideal clients to learn about your online coaching program and envision themselves inside of it, don’t be surprised when your sales are lackluster.


4️⃣ Know how to pitch and sell WELL.


This is where I lose a lot of online coaches because they think pitching and selling has to be a manipulative, pushy, gross process – but that couldn’t be further from the truth.


As an online business coach with nearly a decade of sales and marketing experience, the way I teach my clients to sell is simple, effective *and* ethical: It’s based on understanding what someone wants and needs and reflecting to them how the offer in front of them delivers the solution they’re looking for.


During the sales process, your potential client may have objections (aka: concerns about why your program isn’t a good fit or won’t work for them) – this is an opportunity to share more about your offer and provide more education and context, which helps them make a more informed buying decision.


Remember: At its core, selling is simply about connecting someone with something they want. Ickiness with selling isn’t inherent; it’s created by icky salespeople.


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