01 August 2023

How a 1:1 Coaching Offer Will Make You The Most Money, The Fastest as an Online Coach

Private or 1:1 coaching should be the FIRST offer you develop and sell as an online health + wellness coach – especially if you’re interested in making the most money in the fastest, most efficient way WITHOUT paying significant up-front costs or building a massive social media following.


Read on to learn why I do NOT recommend trying to sell low-ticket offers (e-books, recipe guides, workout PDFs, etc.) as a new or up-and-coming online coach and why 1:1 coaching makes the most sense for any coach looking to take their business to full-time status.


👉🏼 Selling low-ticket offers can be VERY challenging + time-consuming.


Many people think selling $20-$30 offers will be easy, but that’s often not the case. In fact, trying to sell a low-ticket offer can actually be harder than selling a high-ticket offer.


That’s because there’s a TON of competition out there for cheap workout plans and macro-friendly recipe guides, and people need a lot of convincing to part with their hard-earned money to get something they could potentially find on Pinterest or Google for free.


In other words: Unless you have a giant, loyal audience that’s already bought in on you + your brand (and is likely to buy whatever you have to sell), trying to make a significant profit with low-ticket offers is typically a waste of time and energy.


👉🏼 1:1 private coaching programs are still in high demand (and that’s not changing anytime soon).


People are still willing to pay high-ticket prices for major transformations – yes, even in today’s competitive marketplace, even when buyers are being more careful with their money.


How do I know? I teach my Fitness Coaching Business Accelerator clients (new + aspiring online health + fitness coaches) how to create, market + sell rock-solid 1:1 online coaching programs, and many of them reach full-time status ($3-5k+ months) QUICKLY.


It’s not because of their audience size – many of them have small social media followings – but it IS because they have an amazing product to sell and feel confident as they market it.


👉🏼 The math proves high-ticket 1:1 programs make the most financial sense.


In any given Instagram audience, approximately 5-7% of your following is qualified to work with you or would even need what you’re selling. With a following of 500 people, that means only 25-35 audience members are ideal clients.


Let’s say you manage to get ALL of them to buy your $30 e-book (VERY unlikely, but we can pretend) – that’s $750-$1,050 in revenue. That was lots of effort for not much money, and now you’re out of leads, so you’ll need ANOTHER 500 audience members to replicate this.


On the other hand, imagine you had a 1:1 coaching program for $300/month. If you sell just *4* of those, you’ve made $1,200 – AND you still have plenty of leads to work with in the future.


The bottom line…


Irresistible, highly transformative 1:1 programs are the BEST way for new online coaches to build their businesses + achieve financial success quickly.


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