25 April 2024

How Online Coaches Can Find Leads in Their Current Audience

Believe it or not, you have SEVERAL people in your audience who would LOVE to work with you…


Unfortunately, it might never happen if you keep sitting on your hands and waiting for them to come to you.


👉🏼 Your solution: Go get ‘em.


Today, I’m outlining several simple ways you can connect with perfect-fit clients in your current audience RIGHT AWAY.


Yes, it requires some work on your end – but if you do it right? It’s SO worth it.


Let’s dive in:


1️⃣ Reach out to people who left you on read (or ghosted you).


Scroll back in your DMs – who’s inquired about your coaching in the past year or so but never followed through? Who DID apply to work with you, then ghosted when it came time to pay? Message these people.


For example, if you’re a fitness coach, you could say something like, “Hey, [FIRST NAME], I was just thinking of you and remembered we chatted about your fitness goals a while ago. How are you doing these days? Are you still working toward those goals?”


You could also send a similar message to previous clients, just checking in and seeing how they’re doing. That may be the nudge they need to work with you again – for all you know, they’re already considering it.


2️⃣ Review comments + likes on your previous posts.


If someone has commented on or liked a few of your posts from the past month, try reaching out to them in the DMs. Keep it casual, like, “Hey, thanks so much for liking that post. Just curious, is that something that you’re struggling with?”


Or, if you don’t want to mention a specific post, you could say: “Hi, [FIRST NAME]! I noticed you liked a few of my posts, and I just wanted to thank you and let you know how glad I am that you’re enjoying my content!”


The idea is to simply create a touch point and engage in genuine conversation so they can get to know you on a more personal level. Don’t be pushy, don’t make it weird – just chat, human to human.


3️⃣ Check your follower list to find new people to follow + engage with.


Go through your follower list, look for people you don’t currently follow, and go follow them or comment on one of their posts if their account isn’t private.


Even though these people follow you, they may not be seeing your content at the moment – thanks, Instagram algorithm! – and this is an easy way to get your account in front of them again.


If you have a lot of followers, this might sound overwhelming, but remember: You don’t have to do everything all at once. Instead, you could set aside half an hour or so once a week, maybe seeking out 10-20 new people to follow + connect with.


4️⃣ Run polls on Instagram Stories + engage with the people who respond.


You may be tempted to only create polls that have something to do with your offer or the services you provide, but make sure at least *some* of your polls are just for fun (aka: make it fun for people).


Maybe you ask whether pineapple belongs on pizza, if the girls are wearing gold or silver jewelry these days, or if they’re ordering hot or iced coffee – something light and easy for people to engage with that’s not too serious.


Once people start responding, reach out and start a casual conversation. Again, this isn’t about getting them inside your offer right away – it’s about making a connection and developing a relationship.


5️⃣ Create + offer a free resource to connect with new leads.


People LOVE freebies – especially when they’re actually valuable. So, create something that you know your target audience can use + enjoy right away, and go on your Instagram Stories to promote it.


Let people know what it is, and tell them they can DM you to get the link (you can also create a poll that allows people to say they want you to DM them the link – either way will work).


Send them the link and check back in after a couple of days to see if they have any questions and if they’ve had a chance to check out your freebie. If the conversation heads toward their goals, what they’re looking for in a coach, etc., that could be the perfect time to pitch your offer – and you may have earned yourself a new client.


Remember: The vast majority of people looking for a coach will hire the person with whom they have formed an authentic connection and feel safe and secure – so the more touch points you can create, the better.


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