01 February 2024

How to Build or Grow Your Online Coaching Business in 10 Hours a Week (or Less)

Contrary to popular belief, getting your online coaching business off the ground does NOT take much time at all – in fact, if you have just 10 hours a week to spare, you can make HUGE moves.


Today, I’m breaking down *EXACTLY* where to spend your time so you can make the most of every minute.


This is for you if you want to be more productive, stop wasting time, and start or grow your online coaching biz ground WITHOUT quitting your day job or pulling all-nighters.


Your success comes down to dedicating your time to what matters most, including:


1️⃣ Implementing sacred hours.


Sacred hours are hours where you EXCLUSIVELY work on one thing (in this case, your online coaching business) – nothing else.


Adding sacred hours into your weekly routine can be incredibly helpful because studies show you get more done in 2 FULLY focused hours than several hours of work that include distractions + disruptions – the trick is figuring out when *YOUR* sacred hours can be.


Maybe it’s 2 hours in the morning Monday-Friday before you head out for your 9-5, or maybe it’s 2 hours most nights after putting your kids to bed.


If those options don’t work, look at your weekends. Could you dedicate 2 hours in the morning + 2 hours in the afternoon on Saturday + Sunday? Get creative and FIERCELY protect these hours. After all, you’ve got a business to build.


2️⃣ Creating content ~3 hours a week.


Take videos and photos, write out your captions, and decide when you’re going to post on social media throughout the week.


If you’re focused, this CAN take less than 3 hours (hint: being “focused” doesn’t mean scrolling through Instagram Reels for an hour “looking for inspiration”).


Having trouble determining what to video? I highly recommend B-roll footage because it’s SO SIMPLE – click here for an easy B-roll tutorial for viral-worthy Reels. I’ve also posted a quick video with different hooks you can use in your Reels as an online health + wellness coach – check it out here!


For those who feel stressed about taking selfies, I’ve got you. Click here for an easy-to-follow tutorial on taking photos for Instagram!


3️⃣ Spending ~1.5-3 hours a week expanding your knowledge.


If you’re not in FCBA (my group coaching program for new + aspiring online health + fitness coaches), you won’t have access to the video modules, coaching calls, etc. that they do – but you can seek out information from other reputable sources.


This could mean checking out a free webinar or masterclass, enrolling in a course (or completing one you’ve already purchased), or listening to a podcast like mine – The Best Coach Ever Podcast. Every week, I record a new episode with FREE advice *specifically* for online coaches who want to start, grow or scale their businesses.


Whatever you choose, the idea is to learn something new in an area that will benefit you + your business (areas to consider: social media strategy, sales + marketing, program development and effective coaching).


Remember: The BEST coaches are also forever students.


4️⃣ Prospecting ~1.5 hours a week.


Prospecting – also known as being social on social media – is a great way to make connections and grow your online coaching business.


It’s simple: You can engage with ideal clients who already follow you or find NEW people who *might* be ideal clients + engage with them. This could look like leaving a comment on someone’s post, interacting with their Instagram Story or sending them a direct message – the only caveat? Don’t make it weird.


You’re not trying to pitch your offer at this point. That can come later (seriously, do NOT slide into someone’s DMs out of nowhere trying to get them to buy from you).


Focus on forming relationships with people through genuine, casual conversation. If and when the opportunity arises for you to pitch later on, go for it.


5️⃣ Working on the backend of your business ~1.5-2.5 hours a week.


This could include building out your course hub, developing contracts, working out the details on a new offer, etc. – and the good news is that this won’t ALWAYS take up so much time.


Eventually, once you’re up and running, some of this time will be spent taking care of clients. It might take a little longer on the front end to onboard them, but after that? The average client will likely need no more than an hour each week.


As your online coaching business grows and you expand your clientele, you may have to increase your working hours to 12-15/week. However, until that happens, you really can do everything you need in just 10 hours.


Yes, committing to these hours may feel challenging at times and it WILL require you to make sacrifices – but it’s SO worth it if you’re serious about building a full-time online coaching business.


THIS is how it’s done, my friend.


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