20 June 2023

How to Create Social Media Content That Stands Out + Attracts Clients NOW

What “works” when it comes to getting clients on social media is ever-changing, but one thing is abundantly clear…


👉🏼 The competition is growing, so if you want to stand a chance, you MUST stand out in a big way.


Otherwise, your ideal clients will scroll right past you and never look back.


Let’s avoid that, shall we?


Read on to learn five ways to ensure you’re creating quality content that resonates with your target audience and, as a result, helps convert followers into clients.


1️⃣ Create Niched, Highly Specific Content


General, vague content won’t cut it anymore – not if you actually want to build a career as an online coach. Instead, you MUST create content that speaks directly to your ideal clients and lands with them.


Consider their unique struggles, what they need help with and want to achieve, and how they currently feel (along with how they want to feel in the future) – then be as specific as possible in your content.


You want your content to resonate SO DEEPLY with your target audience that they see your posts and think, “Wow, that’s ME!” … now you’ve got their attention.


Remember, you’re not trying to cast a wide net with your content; instead, you’re trying to draw the *exact* people who need what you’re offering.


2️⃣ Take a Stand


Don’t be afraid to be polarizing. When creating content, ask yourself questions like:


✔️ What do I stand for, and what am I opposed to?

✔️ What makes me angry or frustrated about my industry?

✔️ How do my approach and beliefs differ from those of my competitors?

✔️ What do my ideal clients NEED to hear today – even if it’s controversial?


You may turn some people off, and that’s OK – they weren’t your ideal clients, and you weren’t speaking to them in the first place.


By sharing your outlook and opinions in your content, you’ll draw the RIGHT people who will want to continue learning from you, eventually, work with you.


3️⃣ Show Your Authentic Self


More than ever, people want to work with coaches and leaders who are REAL humans, so showing up online in a transparent, authentic way is essential.


Not only are people looking for a personality they vibe with when they’re looking to hire a coach, but they’re also wary of being taken advantage of.


With that in mind, you should use your content to communicate who you truly are – your values, quirks, likes and dislikes, behind-the-scenes peeks into your life and business, etc.


In other words: Your ideal clients need to know they can trust you and that you’re a safe person to work with – so show them.


4️⃣ Allow Your Vulnerability to Shine Through


Part of showing up as a safe, trustworthy person means sharing the not-so-perfect moments in your content – times when you feel uncertain, sad, scared or are struggling.


Yes, you want to present yourself as an authority figure, but you also need to reflect that you’re a relatable human being who isn’t afraid to be genuine and honest – even when the reality isn’t so pretty.


This will allow your audience to form an even deeper connection with you. Plus, NO ONE wants to see a polished, pristine image all the time. It feels fake, and no one’s buying it.


Keep in mind that YOU get to decide just how much you want to share, and it’s perfectly fine (and healthy) to keep certain things to yourself.


5️⃣ Be Generous With Your Content


There’s no such thing as giving “too much” away in your content, so don’t hesitate to share your knowledge because it’s only going to help you build trust with your audience.


Think of it this way: Which coach would YOU choose to work with…


The coach who gives away helpful tips, advice and incredibly valuable information? Or the coach who believes in gatekeeping and ONLY provides value to her paying clients?


Although I’m not suggesting giving absolutely everything away for free, you will 100% attract more clients by being generous online – and once they’re on your roster, you can provide even more value by offering tailored advice. Everyone wins.


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