05 September 2023

How to Generate Social Media Content Ideas During a Dry Spell

Can’t figure out what to post on social media? Struggling with writer’s block? Tired of feeling overwhelmed + scattered when you sit down to create content?


Good news: You’re in the right place.


Read on to get my best advice for generating social media content ideas – yep, even when you’re feeling uninspired or unmotivated – so you can make sure you’re posting consistently and staying at the forefront of your ideal clients’ minds.


👉🏼 Create a document with your ideal clients’ pain + pleasure points.


Write out what your ideal clients are struggling with or are frustrated by and what they want to have or achieve, and continue adding to the list as you gain more information.


Pull out this list whenever you sit down to create content, and you’ll have several post ideas right in front of you! Plus, creating this list helps ensure you’re never starting out staring at a blank page, which can feel super daunting and overwhelming (and make you want to quit before you’ve even started).


👉🏼 Review client check-ins and/or applications.


Not sure what will resonate with your audience? Take a look at what your clients have said in their check-ins or when they’ve applied to work with you (if you don’t have an application process in place yet, review previous conversations with leads).


You may be able to identify a common theme – for example, maybe several people say they have a tough time staying on track with their nutrition and/or fitness protocol on the weekends. BOOM! Now you have something to work with.


👉🏼 Share your ideas with someone you trust + ask for feedback.


Sometimes, you’ve gotta talk it out and bounce ideas off of someone who’s not *quite* so close to the subject matter. Ramble, vent, go on a tangent, whatever – just start talking about what’s on your mind and see where it goes.


I recently did this with my husband, and our conversation helped me realize what I REALLY wanted to say in my post… and tbh, it turned out pretty great.


👉🏼 Repost and/or repurpose your old social media content.


That’s right – you CAN absolutely repost old content (I do!). My general rule is simple: If I posted something 4-5 months ago, it’s fair game for reposting, especially if it sparked conversations with leads, led to sales and/or performed particularly well.


However, rather than reposting the EXACT same content, I usually repurpose it to freshen it up. For example, an Instagram Reel might become a carousel or vice-versa, or I might use a new photo or create a new graphic to go with an old caption.


👉🏼 Take the pressure OFF + release the need for your content to be “perfect.”


When all else fails, I allow myself to create a post that I might think is a “C+” rather than an “A,” and I call it a day.


In other words, I give myself permission to post something that’s not necessarily perfect or my all-time BEST work but still gets my point across (because isn’t that what we’re going for in the first place?) – and then I move on. Remember: In almost all cases, DONE is better than perfect.


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