11 April 2024

How to Hit $10k on Replay as an Online Coach

If you want to hit $10k months in your online coaching business CONSISTENTLY, you’re in the right place.


Today I’m breaking down exactly what you need to create and implement as an online coach to earn $10k every month – WITHOUT running expensive ads or working 24/7.


Even if you aren’t ready to tackle all five things I’m laying out, I’m willing to bet you’ll find at least one strategy, system or helpful tip to incorporate right away.


You can thank me later.


Let’s dive in:


1️⃣ You need a reliable lead generation system.


To keep clients flowing into your online coaching business, it’s not enough to simply attract new people; you need to attract ideal clients who are truly interested in your offer, motivated to make a change, want to work with you and have the funds to hire you.


That’s what a lead generation system can do for you.


When you have a solid lead generation system that includes multiple avenues for drawing a steady stream of new clients, it’s MUCH easier to hit your income goals – and you NEVER have to wonder where your next client is coming from.


2️⃣ You should fill your highest-ticket offer BEFORE creating a secondary offer.


You may feel tempted to create a lower-ticket offer because you think you’ll immediately get all those people who weren’t interested in your high-ticket offer, but not so fast…


Is the problem that people don’t want your high-ticket offer because it’s too expensive, or is the problem that you don’t know how to position, market and sell it?


As a business coach who has worked with HUNDREDS of online coaches, I can almost guarantee it’s the latter. So, ask yourself: Does it *really* make sense to create a new program that you’ll likely struggle to fill as well instead of learning how to successfully sell your initial offer? Probably not.


Hint: Head to No. 3 👇🏼 to learn what can happen when you DO know how to sell.


3️⃣ You need to know how to sell *WELL*.


The better you are at sales, the easier it will be to hit $10k months – and that’s good news because selling is a skill you can learn, enhance and master over time.


For example, if you’re an online coach with a high-ticket private coaching program, you may host sales calls. This can be a stressful, uncomfortable experience… OR you can learn how to sell in an empowering, feel-good way, and EVERYONE wins.


The longer you resist learning to sell, the longer you will struggle to create consistency in business and earn the income you’re dreaming of. However, once you find out how to make the sales process FUN, easy and highly effective? The sky’s the limit.


4️⃣ You should have a sales plan + set sales goals.


A sales plan lays out what you’ll sell and when you’ll sell each offer – basically, it’s the opposite of flying by the seat of your pants.


Spoiler alert: This step is ESSENTIAL for ensuring you hit $10k months as an online coach.


Not only does a sales plan + sales goal give you direction in business, but it also holds you accountable and increases the likelihood that you’ll follow through. Plus, having a sales goal makes it easier to understand exactly how many clients you need vs. trying to get as many as possible (which can leave you feeling overwhelmed, overworked and burned out).


5️⃣ You need an effective, repeatable launch process.


Lastly, you should know how to effectively launch your offers (this includes new offers AND existing offers).


Real talk: Launching is a MUST in my business, and it’s something I encourage *ALL* of my clients to do.


Why? It’s simple: Launching is an incredible way to get multiple clients in one fell swoop, AND it helps create more predictability, consistency and sustainability in your online coaching business.


Imagine knowing that every time you launch, you get 20 new clients into your program – which is VERY possible if you know what you’re doing. That’s essentially guaranteed income that can make up a BIG chunk of that $10k you’re looking to earn every month.


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