15 January 2024

How to Make 2024 Your BEST Year Ever as an Online Coach

If you have your sights set on making 2024 your best year yet as an online coach but aren’t sure how to actually make that happen, you’re in luck – I’m outlining EXACTLY what you need to do (and from personal experience, I can assure you: it works).


You’ll find out why I recommend taking radical responsibility, how to set specific goals you can measure, the importance of getting out of your comfort zone, and so much more.


Here’s your plan for success in 2024, coach:


1️⃣ Reflect on the past and take accountability.


Ask yourself this tough but VERY necessary question: What went wrong in 2023, and how did you and your choices + actions contribute to those not-so-desirable outcomes?


Then, determine the REAL issue that held you back from achieving your goals. Was it a lack of consistency on your part? Did you need more support or guidance (and could that mean it’s time to hire a business coach?), or did you get distracted and move on to the next shiny object instead of following through on your plans? Were you paralyzed by your fear of failure, so you didn’t try at all?


This part of the process can be challenging, but it’s 100% ESSENTIAL. Without it, you will probably repeat the exact same patterns, which will likely result in the exact same outcomes. So, be honest, own your stuff and learn from your mistakes – it’s the ONLY way to move forward.


2️⃣ Set clear, specific, measurable goals.


Now, the fun begins. Start here: What do you want to achieve this year? If that feels like you’re thinking too small, try this: What would you need to accomplish to make 2024 your BEST year ever?


Once you know what you want, it’s time to work backward and determine what work will be required to actually achieve those goals. For example, let’s say you want to create a group coaching program – what tasks need to happen, when should they be completed and when will you launch? (hint: put all of this on your Google calendar ASAP!)


During this step, it’s important to avoid setting vague, nonspecific goals like, “I want to grow my online coaching business in 2024.” If you DO want to grow, that’s great – but how, exactly? In monthly or annual revenue? In the number of clients served? Both?


Remember: We can only manage what gets measured, so your goals MUST be measurable.


3️⃣ Take control of your calendar, time and routines.


The results you want *will* require work (maybe a lot of it) – so when’s that work going to happen?


If you’re not sure, it’s time to figure that out. I highly recommend plugging everything you need to do in your online coaching business into your calendar because I hate to break it to you, but you’re probably not going to “find the time.” Instead, you have to MAKE the time – and you will if your goals are truly important to you. (note: planning to “wing it” is NOT a plan)


No, everyone doesn’t have the same 24 hours in a day. But chances are, you DO have time that you can dedicate to your business that might otherwise be wasted scrolling on Instagram or TikTok, and it’s up to YOU to ensure you use your time wisely.


4️⃣ Prepare to get WAY out of your comfort zone.


You’ve heard it many times – growth doesn’t happen in your comfort zone.


Contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to do big, crazy things. Getting out of your comfort zone as an online coach could be as simple as saying “NO” to yourself when you want to say “YES.” It could be committing to a structured schedule when, really, you’d rather follow your whims all day. It could be posting content despite your fear that someone might make fun of you (trust me, we have ALL been there).


Whatever the case may be for you, I can almost guarantee that you WILL have to get uncomfortable at some point in order to get what you want.


The good news? Once you’re on the other side and look back, you’ll realize it was SO worth it. And you’ll be prepared to do it again (because yep, you’ll have to – especially if you have MORE big goals to achieve!).


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