08 August 2023

How To *Not* Hate Social Media (Or Have It Destroy Your Mental Health) as an Online Coach

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If you think social media is toxic or you feel like it’s detrimental to your mental health, you NEED to read this – especially if you’re an online coach.


Because here is the undeniable truth: Social media provides THE BEST, most effective platforms to market your programs and services (plus, these platforms are FREE!)…


…and if you’re not creating content + posting regularly, you’re definitely missing out on sales.


Here’s how to enjoy social media in a way that works for you + your online coaching business:


✔️ Set + stick to healthy boundaries.


Mindless scrolling is doing you NO favors. To combat this, I leave my phone in another room to charge overnight so it’s not right next to me when I wake up, and I don’t pick it up for at least 15 minutes after I’m awake. I also eat + watch TV without my phone right next to me.


Sounds simple, right? It is, but many of us have become so used to always being on our phones that it might feel uncomfortable to be without it at first. Push through – it’s 100% worth the clarity + peace of mind.


✔️ Ruthlessly unfollow or mute people.


Anyone who’s making you feel about yourself or who triggers you does NOT need to be in your feed. Period.


This also means it’s time to stop hate-following people. Even if you think it’s fun to criticize and mock someone, I promise it’s stealing your joy and making social media way less enjoyable for you (plus, this is gross behavior – stop it). Instead, only follow people you actually WANT to see + connect with.


✔️ Forget about vanity metrics (aka: likes + comments).


Across the board, people on social media are lurking FAR more than they’re liking + commenting on posts, so PLEASE stop worrying about your engagement. It truly doesn’t matter, and the sooner you release your expectations around it, the better.


The reality is: Many of your followers ARE seeing your posts (and likely enjoying them if the message resonates) – they’re just not telling you. Not yet. Keep playing the long game and rest assured that people you may not even know are keeping you in mind as a coach they want to hire in the future.


✔️ Be delusional.


This is something I practice every single time I get on Instagram. I pretend everyone in my audience is waiting for my content and desperately wants to hear what I have to say.


Obviously, this isn’t true, but this mindset helps me show up with more confidence, enthusiasm and clarity. As a result, I create more content that my ideal clients will resonate with, leading to more connections and more sales. Everyone wins.


✔️ Take radical responsibility.


Ultimately, it’s up to YOU to cultivate a healthy, productive relationship with social media. You have to be intentional with how you use + engage with the apps – after all, they’re designed to keep us scrolling (those dopamine hits are real!). This requires us to be diligent and mindful, which isn’t always easy – but it’s always worth it.


Remember: Social media is NOT inherently toxic; what can make it toxic is our relationship with it.


👉🏼 Bottom line: As an online coach on social media, your job is to create the content your ideal clients need, show up + serve your audience WITHOUT expectations, and understand that your worth + identity as a human has absolutely NOTHING to do with how your posts “perform.”


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