18 January 2024

How to Overcome the Fear Holding You Back From Starting or Growing Your Online Coaching Business

There’s no way around it…


If you want to build or grow an online coaching business, you WILL have to do scary things from time to time.


Although feeling afraid is normal, you can’t let it hold you back – and that’s what this blog post is all about.


Today, I’m outlining the most common fears current + aspiring online coaches experience and explaining how you can move past each of them and build the life + business of your dreams. You’ll walk away feeling more empowered + better-prepared to handle the [inevitable] challenges, hardships + tough times that come with entrepreneurship.


Let’s dive in:


😱 Imposter Syndrome


If you struggle with imposter syndrome, you likely think you’re not good enough to be an online coach – not qualified enough, not educated enough, not smart enough, etc. – and you’re concerned that people will find out you’re a fraud.


Good news: There’s a simple, effective way to move past this – all you have to do is DO the thing you think you’re not capable of doing.


One of two things will happen. Either you’ll prove to yourself that you ARE fully capable, OR you’ll realize you’re lacking in a particular area – then you’ll know exactly where you need to focus so you can improve. In both scenarios, you win (plus, you’re on your way to kissing imposter syndrome GOODBYE 👋🏼).


😱 Fear of Judgment or Rejection


Starting an online coaching business requires you to become more present + visible on social media, which can feel especially challenging for people who are afraid of what others might think of them. If you fall into this camp, you might be worried people are going to talk about you behind your back or judge, criticize, or ridicule you.


Here’s the thing: Other people aren’t thinking about us NEARLY as much as we imagine they are.


Worst case scenario? Maybe someone does make fun of you after seeing your online coaching content. You’ll probably never even know, and even if you do find out… so what? Letting the opinions of others dictate how you spend your time + what you pursue is an exhausting, miserable way to live your life – plus, it’s a surefire way to ensure you never do what YOU truly want.


😱 Fear of the Unknown


Have you ever had a case of the “what ifs?” For example, maybe you’ve asked yourself, “What if I have an unhappy client – how will I deal with that?” or “What if I struggle to fill my client roster because no one wants to work with me?”


These questions are normal – and they indicate fear of the unknown. Ultimately, it’s impossible to predict what will happen in your online coaching business, but you can combat your fear by trusting that you can handle whatever comes your way.


Even if you don’t know the answer, you’ll figure it out. If you need support, you’ll reach out and get it. If you feel stuck, you’ll keep fighting until you’re moving forward again. Believe it or not, you can CHOOSE to believe this about yourself – and the sooner you do, the sooner you realize how incredibly powerful you are.


😱 Fear of Failure


Fear of failure may be the most common fear of all – but it’s also one of the easiest to overcome. Why? Imagine: You wake up 5, 10 or 15 years from now, and you STILL haven’t taken any steps toward becoming an online coach. You’re wondering what could have been, and maybe you decide it’s too late for you. That dream goes completely unrealized.


From my perspective, that is MUCH scarier than going after something you want and failing. It’s cliche, but you truly never know if you don’t try. Can you live with that?


To combat my fear of failure, I remind myself that I CANNOT fail if I don’t quit. Anytime I get freaked out in business, I remind myself that failure isn’t even on the table for me because I simply refuse to give up. If something doesn’t turn out how I hoped or I hit a rough patch? No biggie. I’m playing the long game, and unless I quit, I’m still in it.


👉🏼 Remember: Fear creeps up on *EVERYONE* – it’s how you deal with your fear that determines whether or not you’re successful.


As someone who has coached hundreds of entrepreneurs as they’ve launched, grown or scaled their online coaching businesses, I consider the ability to feel the fear and do it anyway the first REAL test of entrepreneurship.


Trust me: Once you pass that test and prove to yourself how strong and resilient you are, SO MANY doors start to open in your life.


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