27 June 2023

How to Overcome the Feast + Famine Cycles in Your Sales as an Online Coach

Do you experience significant peaks 📈 and valleys 📉 in your sales as an online coach?


And, as a result, does your income fluctuate in not-so-fun ways month to month?


If so, you’re not alone – getting caught in the feast + famine cycle is actually VERY common in this line of work.


Many online coaches will unintentionally fall into a pattern that looks something like this: One month, they’ll sell a ton (and, as a result, make lots of money), but the next month, it feels impossible to get new clients…


…and their bank account starts to look a little empty. 😅


Can you relate?


Good news: You CAN create an online coaching business that brings in a CONSISTENT, PREDICTABLE monthly income you can count on.


👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 Read on to find out EXACTLY how to make it happen!


✅ Step 1: Post Regularly on Social Media


This one might seem obvious, but hear me out – take a look at your Instagram and see how many Feed posts and Stories you’ve posted over the past month.


Ideally, you’d average about 3 Feed posts and 8-12 Stories per week. Why? It’s simple: Your audience needs MANY opportunities to get to know you/your brand and form a meaningful connection with you.


If you’re not giving them those opportunities, you’ll likely miss out on a lot of sales.


✅ Step 2: Stay Consistent With Your Sales Efforts


Again, review your social media content from the previous month – how often are you talking about and pitching your offer?


You may think it’s ~cringe~ to post about your programs and services regularly, but people NEED to see your offer over and over (and over) again. That’s part of the buying process.


So, don’t be shy – invite people to work with you OFTEN. Give them a CLEAR pathway to make it happen. Then watch what happens to your sales.


✅ Step 3: Implement a Sales Process


Having a strategic sales process in place is ESSENTIAL – especially if you truly want to grow and scale your business while also creating a more consistent monthly income.


In other words, if you’re just randomly trying to get sales without employing a proven strategy, you’re probably going to see MAJOR fluctuations in your biz from month to month.


However, if you are generating, nurturing and qualifying leads REGULARLY, sales becomes much easier (and far more predictable).


✅ BONUS: Sales Process Breakdown


Stumped by Step 3? Don’t panic – creating a sales process that keeps clients moving into your business frequently is simple.


1️⃣ First, focus on generating leads.


This is where your social media content comes into play BIG TIME. Generating leads is all about bringing new people into your world – and getting them to stay there.


However, it’s NOT necessarily about getting people to buy immediately; that may happen down the road (and we want it to!), but in this first step, you’re simply aiming to get the right people to start paying attention to you.


2️⃣ Now that you’ve generated leads, it’s time to nurture them.


For leads to eventually become clients, they need to be nurtured effectively. This can happen through targeted social media content or things like an email list or private Facebook group (or both!).


Again, you’re not trying to get the sale YET – instead, you’re showing your audience that you’re the best coach for them by flexing your knowledge, sharing your story and creating a personal connection, and building relationships.


3️⃣ Qualify your leads to determine who’s an ideal client.


This can happen through conversations in the DMs, sales or discovery calls, etc., but when qualifying a lead, the idea is to figure out if you as coach + this person as client = a good fit to work together.


Note: You can also qualify leads through targeted social media content that clearly spells out who you can help (and who you actually want to work with).


4️⃣ Close the sale. 💰💰💰


NOW is when your hard work comes together and your ideal client signs on the dotted line – you’ve got a sale, coach!


*IF* you have completed the previous 3 steps, closing the sale is pretty simple because you’ve laid the groundwork for success. The client vibes with you (and you vibe with them), you’ve built a rapport and relationship, and they trust you. It’s a done deal at this point.


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