25 August 2023

How to Overcome the Limiting Beliefs That Are Killing Your Business Dreams

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Your limiting beliefs (also known as the things you think or believe about yourself that hold you back from taking action) are likely doing FAR more harm than you realize.


Because your mindset matters – A LOT.


A poor headspace does you absolutely no favors when it comes to achieving your goals, and the sooner you can shift your thoughts in a more positive, empowering direction, the better.


Here are 3 simple ways to begin overcoming your limiting beliefs and start making your business dreams come true:


1️⃣ Change Your Inner Dialogue


I learned the importance of the stories we tell ourselves a long time ago when I struggled with my weight.


Growing up, I’d always been a bit of a bigger girl, and I thought that was something I couldn’t change. I genuinely didn’t believe I *COULD* lose weight – it just didn’t seem possible for me – and as a result, I created a story that aligned with my beliefs.


I thought things like:


“I always give up on my diet and exercise plans – I’ll never get in shape.”

“No matter what I do, these extra pounds aren’t going anywhere.”

“I shouldn’t even bother trying to lose weight because it NEVER works. I can’t do it.”


This way of thinking only led me farther away from getting the results I wanted.


However, I FINALLY achieved my goals when I changed my inner dialogue to something more like this…


“I’m the girl who follows through and gets results, even when it’s tough.”

“I exercise + eat well and feel strong, confident and healthy.”

“I CAN lose weight + reach my fitness goals, and my hard work will pay off.”


So, figure out what story YOU are telling yourself about your business and your journey as an entrepreneur – it may be time to rewrite it.


2️⃣ Dismantle the “Evidence” That Your Limiting Beliefs Are True


We’re always looking for and collecting evidence to prove ourselves right, which is dangerous when we’re stuck in a pattern of negativity.


For example, let’s say a lead ghosts you (which happens to EVERYONE from time to time, by the way) and you view this as evidence that you’ll NEVER have a successful online coaching business because you can’t get clients, no one wants to work with you, etc.


Sure, you could go that route – or you could challenge those thoughts by looking for evidence to prove yourself WRONG.


👉🏼 Are OTHER people out there building online coaching business? Maybe with less experience, knowledge + skills? Yes.


👉🏼 Have those coaches ALSO been ghosted – and likely felt discouraged? Yes.


👉🏼 Do those coaches overcome setbacks and eventually fill their client rosters – simply because they didn’t quit? Yes.


You may need to have a pity party for yourself when something goes wrong, but don’t overstay your welcome.


Remember that success IS possible because if someone else is out there making it happen, there’s absolutely no reason it can’t happen for you, too.


3️⃣ Brainwash Yourself Into Self-Belief


If all else fails, get delusional. I mean it.


Brainwash yourself into believing that your success is inevitable – it’s written in the stars, it’s on its way, it’s your destiny – and once you have this mindset, I can almost guarantee you will start showing up differently and doing the work required to get the results you want.


Because following through is hard enough WITHOUT a constant, nagging voice in your head doubting your every move.


🧠 Think of it this way: What would happen if you truly believed everything was working out for you?


Would you post about your offers more frequently on social media? Would you invest more time, energy and effort into your business? Would you spend less time comparing yourself to others and more time focusing on achieving your goals?


Let’s be honest here – the answer is probably YES.


Even if it doesn’t quite feel natural to you (yet), practice this way of thinking and notice how your behavior changes. You can thank me later. 😉


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