28 December 2023

How You’re Sabotaging Your Success in Your Online Coaching Business (Plus: How to STOP)

This may make you uncomfortable, but…


👉🏼 Are YOU the reason your online coaching business isn’t as successful as it could be?


In other words: Are you self-sabotaging? Is the call coming from inside the house?


Your immediate answer might be, “OF COURSE NOT!” – but remember, self-sabotage can be VERY sneaky. You may be surprised to learn that what you think is “normal” is actually holding you back from moving forward + getting the results you want.


Read on to learn four ways you might be sabotaging your success in business + how to overcome each of them!


1️⃣ Imposter Syndrome


Do you frequently doubt your abilities as a coach or business owner? Are you always comparing yourself to your peers? Do you avoid making “controversial” posts on social media (or taking a stand at all) because you’re afraid someone might call you out or question your authority?


If you said “YES” to any of those questions, you probably have imposter syndrome.


You may feel like a fraud – like you’re not good enough, smart enough or qualified enough to truly help people – or you lack confidence. As a result, you may try to stay under the radar and play small, which can keep you from reaching your full potential.


To overcome imposter syndrome, my No. 1 recommendation is to DO THE THING YOU THINK YOU CANNOT DO. Just try. I can almost guarantee that you will prove to yourself that you ARE capable – and this is how you start to build trust in yourself.


2️⃣ Shiny Object Syndrome


If you’re constantly looking for the next best strategy or solution and regularly hop around in your business – from mentor to mentor, niche to niche, idea to idea – you probably have shiny object syndrome.


Rather than seeing anything through, you’re onto the next (and you won’t see that through, either), so you don’t accomplish much – if anything – because you’re essentially spinning your wheels.


To combat shiny object syndrome, it’s essential to understand two things: Results take TIME + PATIENCE, and building a successful online coaching business does NOT require anything fancy or complicated.


Instead of chasing the newest shiny solution, I recommend going back to the basics:


  • Getting a clear picture of your ideal client
  • Creating content that appeals to + attracts them
  • Providing a solution that meets their needs
  • Marketing your offer well + often and SELLING


3️⃣ All-or-Nothing Thinking


Struggling with an all-or-nothing mentality typically means you think EVERYTHING has to be perfect or you’ve failed, which usually leads to quitting and “starting again on Monday.”


This is an excellent way to never succeed in your online coaching business because if you’re trapped in a neverending cycle of stopping and starting over, you’re never achieving much of anything – and eventually, you’ll probably give up altogether.


The best way to get out of all-or-nothing thinking is to understand that perfection is a lie, so the pursuit of it is pointless. That means you can officially take the entire concept of perfection OFF the table – this leaves room for mistakes, grace and forward motion.


Another tip: Lower the bar for yourself. Many people who struggle with an all-or-nothing mentality think they have to do ALL THE THINGS, but that’s not true. As long as you don’t quit + stay consistent, small steps in the right direction WILL get you where you want to go.


4️⃣ Freebie Chasing


Are you trying to accumulate + consume enough free resources to fill your knowledge gap and take your online coaching business to the next level? Spoiler alert: This rarely, if ever, works.


Piecing together information from various sources (even the top experts in your field or industry) is probably NOT going to help you achieve the results you want. Not because the information isn’t good or helpful but because it’s more than likely way too generic and not tailored to YOU + your specific situation.


To fast-track your results, I highly recommend hiring a business coach or mentor who can help you create a personalized plan + strategy that you can implement and adjust as needed.


Yes, it will require an investment on your part – but I can tell you from personal experience that it’s truly the BEST way to get where you want to go quickly + efficiently. Googling and guessing will only take you so far.


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