29 February 2024

Is It Too Late to Start an Online Health + Fitness Coaching Business?

Let’s address the elephant in the [online coaching] room…


👉🏼 Have you missed the boat? Is it TOO LATE for you to build a successful online health + fitness coaching business?


The short answer: Absolutely not.


Skeptical? I get it…


That’s why I’m outlining 3 reasons there’s still plenty of room for *YOU* in the online coaching space.


Let’s get into it:


1️⃣ Just because someone is an online coach TODAY doesn’t mean they’ll still be in business TOMORROW.


Believe it or not, MANY of the coaches you see online today won’t be around in a year – even if they *appear* to be doing really well on social media. 


People only show you what they want you to see.


Their reasons for calling it quits could be that they realized entrepreneurship wasn’t right for them, or maybe they struggled to get clients and gave up (this is VERY common). Maybe they ditched online coaching in favor of a new passion. Regardless, the point is: Just because lots of people START businesses doesn’t mean they STAY in business.


2️⃣ MANY people don’t want to work with the biggest, most popular online coaches on Instagram.


Yes, there are mega-popular online fitness coaches out there with cheap apps – and? They don’t appeal to EVERYONE. Not by a long shot.


You know, just like Starbucks and Dunkin’ don’t appeal to everyone.


When people are looking for an online coach, they are often searching for someone who can create a CUSTOMIZED program that meets their unique needs. They want SUPPORT. And when they find *THE* perfect coach who can provide that, they’re typically more than willing to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for their services.


3️⃣ There’s NO shortage of people who NEED help + support on their health + wellness journeys.


Listen, the health + fitness coaching industry isn’t going ANYWHERE any time soon – if anything, it’s only going to GROW.


And more and more, people are going online to find perfect-fit coaches.


You – yes, YOU – can be that coach. But for that to happen, you have to actually start your business.


If you need help, I’ve got you – my Fitness Coaching Business Accelerator takes ALL the guesswork out of building a full-time online health + fitness coaching business. This 4-month group coaching program is specifically designed for new + aspiring online coaches (if you’re reading this blog post, I’d bet that describes you 👀)… and trust me, there is NOTHING else like it on the market.


I’ll leave you with this… 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼


In a crowded room FULL of online coaches, many of your ideal clients would still choose to work with YOU.


When it comes down to it, most buyers make decisions based on who they LIKE + CONNECT WITH. That’s why I always tell my clients to focus on nurturing their audiences + building relationships – it’s truly what can make ALL the difference.


Remember: Working with someone to achieve health and fitness goals requires vulnerability – and NO ONE is going to be vulnerable with someone they don’t even like.


There’s no reason YOU can’t be that trusted coach for your ideal clients.


Want more?


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