02 May 2024

The Real Reasons People Buy Online Coaching Programs in 2024

If you’re struggling to sell your online coaching programs, it’s probably NOT because…


❌ You aren’t posting the right things on social media


❌ Your offer totally sucks and should be scrapped


❌ You need a new sales script or a new marketing strategy


Instead, you likely need to do the 5 things I’m sharing in this blog post.


Read on to learn how to attract + connect with more clients and boost your sales as an online coach – WITHOUT investing in expensive ads or building complicated funnels.


✔️ Get into the headspace of your buyer


To make sales as an online coach, you have to understand what your ideal client truly NEEDS (not just wants) and what they’re actually willing to pay for.


For example, does your program solve a specific problem that a certain group of people desperately want to fix ASAP? Or is it something that might be nice to have but is not necessarily essential? If it’s the latter, it’s no surprise that people aren’t buying.


When you understand your ideal clients DEEPLY, you will also better understand how to create a solid, must-have offer + market it in a way that inspires them to ACT.


✔️ Understand your competition


In today’s marketplace, you’re not just competing with other online coaches; you’re also competing with various solutions that are less expensive or seem like a better “deal” than coaching.


If you’re a fat loss coach, for example, you’re competing with Ozempic and other weight loss medications that have recently gained popularity, as well as supplements, e-books, celebrity diets + exercise programs, and more.


To effectively sell your coaching program, you must clearly explain why YOUR solution is THE solution that will help them reduce or eliminate their pain and get the results they want.


Remember: People will pay just about anything to feel better when they’re experiencing pain or discomfort – if you can show that YOU can help them do that, you win.


✔️ Position your coaching program correctly


People are far more likely to purchase a coaching program that looks fun + exciting vs. a more tedious program that feels overwhelming or like it’ll only make their lives harder.


If you’re rolling your eyes and thinking, “DUH, Lynette!” – take a look at your marketing. Are you positioning your program in a way that sounds enticing and cool, creating a vibe that people want to be part of? Or are you focusing on the hard work it’s going to take for them to get from where they are to where they want to go?


Your ideal clients probably understand they’ll have to put in work to get results – but they also want to be part of a coaching program that sounds like something they’ll enjoy AND is doable for them.


✔️ Build your like, know + trust factor


Even though it’s important to communicate that you’re an expert in your field, your ideal clients will always choose to work with the coach they like and relate to the most – even if that coach isn’t as educated or as qualified as you are.


As a result, it’s essential to share your personality online and make yourself at least somewhat available to be known. In other words: You can’t hide from your audience and expect them to fall head over heels for you – it just doesn’t work that way.


So, instead of only posting educational content that positions you as a professional coach, share peeks into your personal life. What have you been up to on the weekends? Have you tried any good recipes lately? What have you bought recently that’s made you happy?


The idea is to make a connection and show that you’re more than a coach with a program to sell – you’re a real human. At the end of the day, people buy from people.


✔️ Create a sense of urgency


You can create urgency for your ideal clients by offering limited-time discounts or bonuses during your launch periods, but that’s not your only option.


Future pacing, or talking about where your potential buyers want to see themselves in the future, creates a natural sense of urgency because it reminds people that they aren’t where they want to be – and unless they take action, that probably won’t change. In fact, their problems might get even worse.


Another option? Capitalize on the fear of missing out (FOMO). For example, if you’re only running a program once or won’t be opening the doors again anytime soon, make sure your audience understands they’ll be missing out if they don’t join NOW.


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