30 May 2023

The Secret to My Success as a 7-Figure Business Owner and How You Can Do the Same

Over the past 8 years, I’ve built a successful online coaching business that has allowed me to:


✔️ earn more than $3.5 million working for myself


✔️ work 20-25/hr weeks consistently


✔️ buy my dream house (and furnish it exactly how I want to)


✔️ retire my husband so he can pursue his big dreams


As I’ve looked back, I’ve realized there is ONE thing I have to credit for my success – and it’s something that YOU can do, too.


👉🏼 My secret: I put myself in the least likely position to fail.


If you’re wondering what that means, keep reading…


Especially if you have your sights set on building a coaching business that changes your entire life.


I Became a [Calculated] Risk-Taker


I’m a pretty risk-averse person, but I’ve learned that SOME risks are absolutely worth taking.


For example, hiring my first business coach in 2018 – I was TERRIFIED, and it felt like a massive risk to make such a costly investment in my business. My husband, Matt, encouraged me to go for it because he believed in me more than I believed in myself… so I did it. I went all in. And guess what?


It paid off BIG TIME. Working with that coach and finding community with other women set me up for the success I have today, and it taught me a very important lesson: Sometimes, you’ve gotta push yourself to do the scary thing.


Otherwise, you risk staying stuck where you are – it’s up to YOU to decide what’s *actually* the risker choice.


I Took Failure OFF the Table


When I started working with that coach in 2018, I made a decision that I was going to succeed in business no matter what.


Failure was no longer an option for me. As a result, I did everything this coach recommended (whether or not it made sense to me at the time), and I chased my goals like never before. I didn’t question if I’d be successful; I’d already made that decision and acted accordingly.


This mindset shift is part of what changed EVERYTHING for me. No more wasting time doubting myself – I was too busy building my business, brick by brick.


The lesson: Once you decide your success is inevitable, you show up in a completely different way – and it makes a HUGE difference in your results.


I Don’t Go the DIY Route in My Business


To this day, I continue to hire coaches who support me and help me level up (because no matter how skilled you are, there’s always room for improvement).


Is it still scary sometimes? Yeah – I’m human. But I don’t let that fear hold me back.


Because the truth is simple: I’ve NEVER regretted investing in myself and my business.


I’ve learned that winners aren’t afraid to reach out for help, and they do what it takes to get where they want to go. For me, that means seeking out the best coaches I can find and being willing to put it all on the line – my time, my energy, my money – to grow into the person I want to be.


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I’m a fitness coach turned 7-figure CEO and business coach.

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