25 January 2024

The Secrets to Easy, Effective Selling for Online Health and Fitness Coaches

You probably became an online health + fitness coach because you wanted to help people achieve their wellness goals – and we LOVE that! – but like it or not, if you’re serious about building a successful online coaching business, you must *also* become a good marketer + salesperson.


This isn’t a problem – even if you think you hate sales.


Because when you know what you’re doing? The sales process is FUN (and easy).


Today, I’m answering some of the most common questions I get asked about selling in the online coaching industry and sharing my best advice for taking leads to the finish line. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of how to create an effective, smooth sales process that you AND your clients will enjoy!


Let’s dive in:


👉🏼 Should I offer my coaching services for FREE when I’m just starting out?


I’ll just come out and say it… in most cases, NO.


Here’s the thing: When someone is coached for free (even if the coaching is INCREDIBLE), they are FAR more likely to give the program a lackluster effort or quit altogether. Why? Because they don’t have any skin in the game. I’ve seen it time and time again – when a client hasn’t made a financial investment, they tend to bail when the going gets tough. They just don’t feel the same obligation to continue as a paying client would.


However, if you’ve never coached anyone and you’re looking for experience, you COULD offer free coaching in a short container (no longer than 6-8 weeks) and ask the client to sign a contract that they’ll provide a testimonial after the program ends. Although this doesn’t guarantee anything, it DOES increase the likelihood that they’ll stick around and complete the program.


👉🏼 What do I do if I don’t have any testimonials or transformations to show?


Good news: You CAN absolutely sell an online coaching program without social proof.


But if your heart is set on sharing a transformation, start with yours. Tell YOUR unique story – where you were when you began, the ups and downs of your journey, the lessons you learned along the way, and where you are now. For many online coaches in the health + wellness space, their first success story is their own – and there’s nothing wrong with that.


You can also reach out to friends and family to whom you have offered advice in the past and ask for a short testimonial. Maybe you showed them how to count macros or taught them how to lift weights – whatever it may be, chances are they’ll be more than happy to help you out.


👉🏼 Is it REALLY necessary to have an application process in place?


YES, 100% – even though it creates a barrier to entry.


If someone fills out an application, they’re WAY more likely to be serious about doing the work + committing to your online coaching program. Sure, this will weed some people out – but that’s a VERY good thing. Think of it this way: If someone can’t even be bothered to fill out a simple application, how in the world will they be able to commit to several weeks or months of working with you? The math isn’t mathing.


Plus, an application process helps ensure you + the potential client are a good fit for one another. Based on your questions (and any info you provide), they’ll be able to learn more about you + your coaching style, your process + expectations, etc. Their answers will help you determine if you’re the right coach for them. You both win!


👉🏼 Do I have to host sales calls, or are there other ways to get leads to convert?


No, you don’t *HAVE TO* host sales calls as an online coach… but you might make a lot more money if you do.


It’s true – sales calls tend to reign supreme when it comes to conversion. They give you a chance to connect with your leads on a deeper level, and at the same time, they give your leads the opportunity to experience you in a more intimate way (remember: people will ALWAYS hire the coach they feel the safest + most comfortable with). Seriously, don’t underestimate the power of your potential clients seeing your face + mannerisms and hearing your voice – that can be exactly what they need to move forward.


If sales calls are a no-go for you and/or your ideal clients (this happens sometimes, especially with busy moms!), I recommend recording video sales letters. This is a great way to form that essential person-to-person connection *WITHOUT* having to be available for calls!


👉🏼 Should I conceal my online coaching rates or publicize them?


Maybe, maybe not – it depends.


In many cases, people are craving more transparency in the online coaching industry, and that includes wanting to know coaching rates upfront. However, sticker shock can be real – and you DO risk scaring off a lead if they see your rates and don’t understand the true value (aka: how investing could change their life for the better). As a result, many online coaches only share their rates on sales calls.


You have to go with your gut on this one. Personally? I don’t have my coaching rates on my website, but if someone asks me directly, I’ll always share my prices. This can open the door for a sales conversation, which is the perfect opportunity to share more about what they’re REALLY getting when they work with me – that turns what may look like a big, scary payment into a no-brainer investment.


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