17 October 2023

What I’d Do If I Had To Start My Online Coaching Biz Over Today

Fact: What worked for me when I started my online fitness coaching business in 2015 would NOT work today – not even a little bit.


Specifically, my old marketing tactics would TOTALLY flop in today’s social media landscape. Buyers have gotten super savvy as more and more online coaches have entered the scene, and they’re looking for a coach they like, know and trust DEEPLY.


If you don’t deliver? You’ll fail.


If you’re ready to make sure that’s not your story, you’re in the right place. I’m sharing the six things I’d do if I started an online coaching biz *TODAY*, plus a can’t-miss bonus tip.


1️⃣ Niche down early.


Now, more than ever, it is ESSENTIAL for online coaches to niche down and make it abundantly clear who they serve – and who they don’t.


Yes, this means you’ll alienate some people… that’s the point.


Rather than trying to appeal to everyone (which is impossible, by the way), focus on EXACTLY who you’re trying to reach and communicate that you’re an expert who can help solve their SPECIFIC problem. That’s what will get you hired – not trying to be a general coach who appeals to the masses.


2️⃣ Focus on target audience growth.


Vanity metrics are out – NO ONE cares how many followers you have (unless you’re an influencer looking to get brand deals, of course).


Instead, you should focus on attracting and connecting with your TARGET audience – aka your ideal clients – by creating niched, highly shareable content and engaging with potential leads in your DMs.


I’m not suggesting you start sending “hey girl!” messages out of nowhere – but I AM challenging you to start genuine conversations with people who might be good fits for your online coaching programs and services. Not everyone will follow you back or continue the conversation, so don’t expect that. However, you CAN expect *some* people to vibe with you… and they could absolutely turn into clients.


3️⃣ Create free, highly valuable content consistently.


Now isn’t the time to be stingy, my friend. Host free challenges, offer free resources, pour yourself into your content – in other words, GIVE. A LOT.


As a new or up-and-coming online coach, one of your top goals is to draw attention on social media and show your audience that you have what it takes to help them.


If you do this correctly (hint: OVERDELIVER, so there’s no question when it comes to if you’re providing value!), some of the people who grabbed your freebie or joined in your challenge will likely want MORE from you, and that’s the perfect time to pitch your PAID offerings.


4️⃣ Get on camera every chance you get.


It’s undeniable: When we see someone on video vs. only in photos, we trust them WAY more.


That’s because, on video, we have WAY more opportunities to show our personalities – our mannerisms, facial expressions, the way we laugh, etc. – and all of those seemingly little things can make the difference between getting hired and getting ignored.


Plus, people see photos constantly, but it’s not nearly as common to see an online coach or leader get on camera and actually talk to their audience. So, even if it makes you uncomfortable, understand that showing up on video is a HIGHLY valuable opportunity to stand out and form deeper connections with your audience – so take advantage of it.


5️⃣ Hone in on four types of content.


When you’re creating content as an online coach, focus on:

  • MICRO-SOLUTION CONTENT: Educational content that solves one VERY specific, niche problem for your ideal client will get TONS of saves (not to mention help grow your authority), so don’t miss these opportunities.


  • POLARIZING CONTENT: Share controversial or unpopular opinions, hot takes, a hill you’ll die on – just don’t be afraid to take a stand. You’ll repel certain people, but others will LOVE it (and potentially see you as their perfect coach).


  • INSPIRATIONAL CONTENT: Creating content that motivates, encourages or inspires your audience is a fantastic way to nurture your ideal clients. Just don’t overdo it – otherwise, you’ll look more like an influencer than a coach.


  • LIFESTYLE CONTENT: Offer peeks into your personal life, your shopping trip to Target or TJMaxx, your fun weekend plans, etc. – ALL of this can help your followers get to know + trust you, and that’s FANTASTIC for your brand.


6️⃣ Hire a business coach.


Yep, I said it! And I 100% stand by it – and it’s NOT just because I’m a business coach.


The writing is on the wall: It’s TOUGH to get clients online right now, and as a result, lots of coaches are quitting before they even have the chance to be successful because they’re discouraged and exhausted.


Those failed coaches’ stories COULD look very different if they had support, a proven strategy to follow, and an expert guide who’s been where they are and knows how to get them where they want to go.


It’s simple: Those who have guidance and support from a skilled, knowledgeable business coach are more likely to make it, and those who insist on going the DIY route are more likely to struggle… and quit.


⭐️ BONUS: Keep your mindset in check.


As an online coach, you will inevitably go through peaks and valleys… and sometimes, those valleys will seem IMPOSSIBLE to climb out of.


Leads you *thought* were in the bag will leave you on read, you’ll feel like NO ONE is paying attention to you online, you’ll wonder if you’re REALLY cut out for this (hello, imposter syndrome!) – but the secret is not to let those hard times define you or convince you to quit, and instead, JUST KEEP GOING.


Understand that despair, confusion and discomfort are simply part of this journey. It’s how you handle those feelings that matters in the long run.


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